We are OFH Research.

Retired and curious tinkerers who love to extract the juice from datasets to see what flows out.

The Head Geek

Many years spent in the IT industry, supporting databases and analysing the data within. Retirement brought a desire to use those powers to satisfy his curiosity about peculiar aspects of the world on his own terms.

Analyst at Large

A lifetime of contemplating our place on Earth following a formal education in drafting, geography, and biology. These interests inform our Analyst in her exploration of the patterns found in society and the environment.

OFH Research

Investigating bits and bobs of the world with the data at hand. We will continue building a portfolio based on our curiosity, but are always willing to consider paid projects.

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Geek Work

The blog of the dramatis personae detailing work-related things (i.e. open source, open data, open hardware)

Some Play

Things those-who-shall-not-be-named find to fill their spare time.

Analyst Work

The person in the trenches digging through the data of the world.

Shout Out

There's no shortage of informative blogs out there. Here are a few hand-picked, pickled and stuffed into jars.

open data

The number of datasets freely available on the Internet is intimidating! These were chosen strictly based on my interests.

Nova Scotia Open Data


Our World in Data


Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources

Earth and Space

International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set

Earth and Space

Collections of the Library of Congress


Library and Archive of Canada


GeoNOVA is a gateway to geographic information in Nova Scotia.

Earth and Space

Coranvirus data in Canada


Latest Projects

Each page leads to a project we're working on, planning to work on or have completed.

Team Member
Created to find out the past weather

over a 4 day window (i.e. long weekend),

Camping weather

4 day window
Team Member
Covid-19 active cases and vaccination

All in Canada and specifically Atlantic Canada


Existential angst!
Team Member
This project is still in progress!

Links to the project coming to this spot soon!

Remote sensors

Collect the data to learn
Team Member
This project is still in progress!

Links to the project coming to this spot soon!

Drowning in Inflation

The map of our uphill grocery journey

Coming to you from the beautiful South Shore!

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia